Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sunny Days Daycare is an In-Home Daycare that services children from 3 years old through Kindergarten. We are located in the 42nd & Center area in a apartment with a big backyard and front yard. We are 1 block off a very busy main street and in a quiet neighborhood.

While the weather is nice we spend a LOT of time outdoors at the playground, exploring, and chasing bubbles. When the weather isn't quite so nice you'll find us at the library for storytime, at the indoor playgrounds and going to Preschool Playtime or indoors playing games.

We use curriculum from and participate in many fun activities, crafts, sensory and also learn our ABC's and 123's. You'll find lots of music, dancing and using our imagination to help your children grow developmentally, educationally and socially.

Sweet Lily: 
We do have a resident Kitty - she is very tame, loveable, playful and energetic but she does not like being picked up or touched on the head and she will let the children know by hissing. She does not bite and is declawed in the front.

Sweet Lily

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