Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christ Has Risen ~ Nature Activity

This was shared by Melissa Holt on Facebook and it's a wonderful way to illustrate to children that Jesus ROSE UP from the grave.

Easter Garden

Creating an Easter Garden is a wonderful idea to remind your family of Jesus this season! This wonderful image is courtesy Melissa Holt! It was so... pretty, I just had to share it!

■Wide shallow planter dish
■Potting soil
■Grass Seed
■Small pebbles
■1 large rock
■1 small flower pot for the tomb
■Sticks and string for 3 crosses

1.Cover shallow planter with potting soil.
2.Bury a small flower pot in the dirt with the opening showing.
3.Add some small pebbles for a path to the “tomb” and don’t forget a larger stone to cover the doorway.
4.Plant grass seed in the potting soil to cover the spots that do not have rocks, and water. Keep in a sunny place, seeds should sprout within about 7 days so you’ll want to plan ahead a little!
5.Create 3 crosses using sticks and string and display in the grassy area.

Note: I am planning on using a Permanent Marker to write "He is Risen" Matthew 28:7 on the rim of the saucer too.

I'll share pictures of the kid's creations after it's done. You can make this up the 2nd or 3rd week of the month and then have the kids MOVE the stone covering the grave on Easter (or you can do it the night before and then encourage the kids to go check their gardens in the morning before they get their Easter Baskets). This would be a great verse for the kids to memorize as well. 
Here is an Easter Printable Pack as well for your Preschoolers & Tots:

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